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Day 3 at sea

Another  smooth sea all night - although it seems to have rained at some pints.

My birthday today and delighted to find birthday cards and text messages. The ship had decorated our doorway with birthday balloons.

We breakfasted on the deck in the open air, although the day is starting over cast and misty.

Excitement as 2 pods of dolphins pass ( the rest of the party missed this)

We returned to our cabin to find a message from Princess regarding celebrations - I will reveal more later

Tonight there is due to be a champagne waterfall - I donít think in my honour. 

Mr and Mrs Green set us a task - a photo quest - to take pictures of server things in answer to cryptic clues.

The last being the location of their cabin - where a birthday cake was waiting (smuggled on board), along with the chilled prize from the quiz.

We got dressed up, enjoyed the Champagne, marveled at the champagne / waterfall.

This was followed by a delightful meal in the Painted Desert Steak House - where the waiter shows off the steaks before you order.


The waiting staff came to sing a special happy birthday song.

Lastly we took in a show.

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