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Day 1 Depart

Day 1, dark and overcast - not typical of an August day at all.

The journey to Southampton was fairly easy - the biggest challenge being fitting all the luggage into the car.

As is tradition we lunched at John Lewis in West Quay, the cafe offers a wonderful vantage point overlooking the docks and helps build anticipation.

Holding out as long as we could, and mindful of the advice from the cruise company to arrived after 2pm (for a quicker check in) we made our move at 1:30pm - and joined a long queue of vehicles all with the same sense of timing.

Once at the front of the queue the process was very slick, car keys taken away and car parked,  Bags off loaded and ported away.

It was around 30 minutes from stepping out of the car to reaching our cabin, having done the security scans et al.




Grey Southampton Water from Ship


Grey View From John Lewis


John Lewis Coffee


Portsmouth in Sunshine


Sun at last


grey Sail Away


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