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Day 2 at Sea

The Channel crossing overnight was a little wobbly but not badly so.

Woke this morning to sun and a flat  Bay of Biscay.

Despite its reputation the Bay of Biscay has been very benign with flat seas all the way.

Whales were spotted blowing and we just missed seening some dolphins.

During the afternoon we entered the trivia and won on a tie break. How tall in feet is St Pauls Cathedral? 365

The prize, a bottle of champagne might come in useful in the near future

We also took After noon tea in the dinning room - complete with chamber orchestra, neatly cut petite sandwiches, cakes and scones - there was even a jam and cream waiter.

After dinner we enjoyed a cocktail in the Promenade Bar and then a good sunset - admired from the open air cinema


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